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Working Visa

Working Visa

For many international travellers who want to spend a bit longer than a few months abroad, looking for some kind of part-time or even full-time work is essential. Let's face it, travelling the world is expensive and while many of us spend months and months saving in advance, there is an alternative, and that's securing a working visa and working as you travel.

Typically, the working visa is here to try to bring skilled migrant workers to the country in question. Generally speaking, the golden rule of working visas is that if the skill is in demand, then it's possible to get a work visa. However different countries have different rules but generally speaking there is a specific procedure that's somewhat similar throughout the world.

Typically there are two main types of working visa: - immigrant working visas which last indefinitely and also non-immigrant working visas which last for a specific period of time. While some may need to be renewed every year, it's a great way to reside in a foreign country and in many cases a necessary step towards permanent residency.

Applying for a Working Visa

When applying for a work visa, the general consensus throughout the world is that the individual first needs to have an offer of employment from a business. If there is a skills shortage for that specific industry, then it's a simple case of showing that you're skilled, qualified and ready to start working.

However, while that sounds pretty straightforward, it's actually a complicated procedure of finding an employer that's willing to hire a foreigner. For the most part while many businesses may quite happily do so, they are quite loathsome to go through the formal procedure of sponsorship and applying for a work visa. This means that while it may be easy to find a job, you may inadvertently find yourself working illegally if you are not careful.

Avoiding Working Illegally

In many non-English speaking countries, one of the safest ways to secure working visa is to undertake what's known as an ESOL course. This essentially gives you a certificate to teach English to speakers of another language, and in countries where English tuition is in demand, it's an easy way to get a relatively well paid job, that's also legal.

Teaching English to foreigners is also a great way to travel the world. With an ESOL certificate, you'll find it a great deal easier to attain working visa, and if you're lucky you may even find yourself entitled to apply for a working holiday visa. This visa is a great deal easier to get, and instead of lasting for the duration of your employment, it lasts for a set period of time, usually one year.

Ultimately however, if you're looking to live abroad permanently, acquiring a work visa should be seen as an essential step along the road to permanent residency and immigration. If you're lucky enough to get a working visa, then you've pretty much already passed the first hurdle and started the process towards immigration.

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