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Australia Working Visa

For many, Australia is a popular choice when it comes to travelling, emigrating and also living abroad. The fact is that in the past few hundred years, this former penal colony has turned into a nation of its own with its own borders, people and economy. While the world was reeling from the effects of the global economic collapse, many Australian businesses were still thriving, and as a result, many see obtaining an Australia working visa as a great idea towards landing a job in a job market that has been constantly growing for decades.

Australia has its own immigration authority and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is responsible for all visa applications. When it comes to applying for a working visa, there are a variety of different types, but the two most popular are the employer sponsored work visa and the professional work visa.

Looking at the Employer Sponsored Australia Working Visa

This working visa is exactly as you'd expect, and to apply for it you need to have an employer who is willing to sponsor you in a profession which is listed on the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL). This list details many professions which qualify for an Australia Working Visa, and it's only these skills that will entitle you to a visa. Alongside simply applying for the visa, skills assessments will be required, and you must have proficiency in speaking English.

The Employer Sponsored Working Visa is designed in order to bring skilled migrants to Australia. This visa entitles those who have it to the same benefits of an Australian national working for an Australian company.

Looking at the General Skilled Migration Program

The general skilled Migration Program aims to give an Australia working visa to those who don't have an employer to sponsor them, but have a skill on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Being awarded this Australia working visa grants the holder the ability to enter the country without a formal offer of employment and look for work within. The visa also requires a skills assessment as well as proficiency in speaking English.

The general skilled migration program offers more flexibility however it awards visas based on the current labour conditions in Australia. If there is a skills shortage of a certain profession, then it's more likely those foreign professionals will be allowed to work in the country. This can mean that applying for an Australia working visa at the wrong time could very well lead to refusal.

Finally, the last option for those wishing to work in Australia is entry through the General Skilled Migration Program as a recent graduate. This Australia working visa offers visas to recent graduates of professions on the SOL. Those applying for this visa are entitled to an 18month temporary visa which can then be converted to a permanent visa later on.

It may not always be easy to apply for an Australia Working visa, but the reality is that for many Australia is still the land of opportunity, and for the foreseeable future, it may very well remain so.

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