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Canada Working Visa

It's easy to overlook the importance of ensuring that any work visa application is meticulous and meets all the entry requirements. When it comes to applying for a Canada working visa, things are no different. While it may certainly be easy to enter Canada than many other countries, the visa application process is strict and if you don't conform to the rules or fail to submit all the evidence required, then you may very well find your visa application rejected without warning. However, this doesn't mean it's impossible to apply for a Canada Working Visa, because when it comes to obtaining a Canada working visa, it's simply a case of ensuring that you can prove you meet the eligibility requirements and that you have a basic level of English.

Ultimately, there are two types of Canada Working Visa, being the federal skilled workers visa which can lead to permanent residency and the Temporary Workers Visa which does not lead to permanent residency. The temporary workers visa is limited to the duration of employment, or typically around 24 months.

Working Temporarily in Canada

The temporary Canada working visa exists on the condition that there is a high-demand for professionals in a specific area. The main reason that the program exists is to ensure that any void in the job market that could affect the economy can be filled. This is great news for foreign non-immigrant professional who are looking for specific work, but the bad news is that it does limit the type of work which can be performed to whatever the government deems as 'in demand' as per current market conditions.

Temporary Canada Work Visas also require that the applicant is fully sponsored by a Canadian employer. You need to find a job even before you apply for this visa and your employer needs to prove that the position they are hiring you for cannot be filled by a Canadian applicant. This often means proving to the government that there is a skills shortage, and receiving approval in the form of a local market opinion (LMO).

Skilled Workers and Professionals Visa

The skilled workers and professionals visa is a Canada Working Visa designed to ensure that those professionals, academics and sportspeople that wish to settle within Canada can if they have experience and qualifications of a profession which is listed within the National Occupational Classification list (NOC). This is a document which lists all occupations in Canada and to be suitable for the skilled Workers and Professionals Visa, you must be a professional of either skill type 0 (managerial level), skill type A (professionals) or finally skill type B (skilled trades people and technical occupations).

Canadian Experience Class

Finally, just recently it was decided by Canadian immigration that experience as a non-immigrant worker using a Canada Working Visa would count towards earning residency. The Canadian experience class is essentially a program which allows those with a Canada Working Visa to essentially apply for citizenship. Provided they can meet the requirements as stated on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, it's now possible to earn residency from ones experience from working in Canada.

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