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Highly Skilled Work

Often when applying for a working visa, many people are confused about just what's meant by the term 'Highly Skilled Workers.' For the most part, everyone with any experience is a highly skilled worker, so what exactly is meant, and just who are these highly skilled workers?

Surprisingly, as far as world government goes, a highly skilled worker is an individual who is normally a professional in fields such as education, medicine and science. The term may also apply to leading entrepreneurs and business people, but for the likes of the typical working man and woman, we're excluded from being known as highly skilled workers.

It's surprising, but generally true to say that countries will more than happily give out working visas to those who have managed to prove they are highly skilled workers. For the rest of us, we're normally restricted to applying for a working visa based on skills shortages. This means that while we may not be highly skilled workers, we have some skills which are required abroad.

The Highly Skilled Workers list is for the most part similar for every country, but some nations are more easy-going than others. If you're a graduate, in some cases you may very well qualify as a highly skilled worker, but as this could differ drastically from country to country, it's important to check first with the local embassy.

Becoming a Highly Skilled Worker

For the most part, poorer countries or those which are desperate for foreign workers will quite happily stretch the term to cover people such as English teaches, and it's true to say that many people have turned into highly skilled workers by simply becoming a qualified ESOL language tutor.

While you may not be a doctor or a fully qualified academic, having a graduate degree and an ESOL certificate generally means that you can be considered as a highly skilled worker in countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, China and many others.

Other Ways to Obtain a Working Visa

However, not everyone has the skills required or the patience to become a languages tutor. For the most part, the other option in regards to obtaining a working visa is to start your own business. It's true that you won't be a highly skilled worker, but in many countries starting a business or at least owning a share in a business is one of the easiest ways to get a work permit. It's also a great way to retire as with your own business you can make your own time.

Aside from tutoring, being a highly skilled workers and owning your own business, the only other consideration is for younger people. For those between 18 30 often working holiday visas are available which can be used to look for work abroad and in many cases no requirements other than enough savings to live on are needed. While this is usually a temporary visa, it gives you at least an opportunity to learn the country and figure out just what's needed to gain that ever important work visa.

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