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New Zealand Working Visa

New Zealand is a bright, vibrant country with a great deal to offer. It's got the perfect climate, New Zealanders are friendly and it's only a stone's throw from Australia. The country has a bustling economy and surprisingly getting a New Zealand working visa isn't actually very difficult. This small nation has done a lot recently in regards to modernizing New Zealand working visa programmes to attract skilled workers into New Zealand for both temporary work, but also permanent migration.

New Zealand has just reinvigorated its New Zealand working visa programmes with two new additions to the scheme known as the silver-fern policies. The silver fern policies are split up into two visa archetypes, being the silver fern job search programme and also the silver fern practical experience programme. Effectively, the first is designed as a way to allow foreigners to come to New Zealand to look for and secure work without sponsored employment. With a graduate degree or trade skills experience required, this visa opens the door to many thousands of potential applicants. However, the bad news is that this program is limited to just 300 people annually. For the lucky few who are awarded this New Zealand Working Visa, they can then enter the country to look for work for up to nine months.

After securing employment, the Silver Fern Practical Experience visa becomes suitable as it's for those who already have sponsorship from a business operating in New Zealand. This visa lasts for up to two years, and as with all the New Zealand Working Visa options, it can be the precursor to permanent residency. This part of the new visa scheme has no limitations or caps on entry.

The Silver Fern policies were instituted by the New Zealand government as a way to clarify existing New Zealand working visa policy in attempts to make things simpler and more straightforward for visa applicants, and for the most part it was a resounding success. They are largely welcoming of foreign workers and indeed, their visa schemes are considerably more 'open' than some of their closest neighbours. Alongside the traditional New Zealand working visa, they also offer a working holiday visa for those wishing to come to the country on just a temporary basis.

Obtaining a New Zealand working visa means ensuring that the applicant has enough funds to support themselves and that they can speak a comprehensive level of English. These are the two main entry requirements for coming to New Zealand, and if they can be met, it's a simple case of applying for a visa and supplying sufficient evidence.

New Zealand also makes it a point of ensuring that those with a New Zealand working visa have the option to apply for permanent residency. In fact there is a specific visa program in operation known as the Work to Residence policy which gives the holder a work permit with a view to permanent residency. While this program is not as open as the silver fern policies, those who have skills listed on the qualified occupations in demand list are eligible to apply and start the path towards permanent residency.

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