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Sponsored Skilled Work

The Sponsored Skilled Workers program is a program aimed to boost skilled workers throughout the United Kingdom. International applicants who fall under the sponsored skilled worked criteria are eligible to apply for this visa if they meet one of the four main categories of skilled worker. If they also have a formal offer of employment, then it's a simple case of applying for a visa and getting ready to start work.

Taking advantage of the Sponsored Skilled Worked scheme is a great way to gain access to international workers to fill skills shortages, but this work visa is not an excuse for businesses to hire cheap foreign labour. To prevent this it has specific salary requirements for the visa are linked to the national average, and those companies brining people from abroad on an inter-company transfer will need to ensure their employees have at least 12 months work experience with that organization.

Eligibility Criteria Sponsored Skilled Worked Scheme

If the applicant can meet the eligibility criteria as set out with the points-based system, then they are eligible to apply. At the time of writing, the points-based system specifies that workers must have skills relating to one of the following four categories:

Skilled Workers
Minister of Religion
Inter-Company Transfer

Essentially, skilled workers can apply with almost any profession. The only requirements are that they have the academic qualifications to prove it, and that they also have the offer of employment with sufficient projected earnings. Skilled workers should generally be of a graduate level or higher and or hold significant experience in their profession.

Typically, every Sponsored Skilled Worked applicant needs to demonstrate that he or she possesses good English skills and that they have enough funds to maintain themselves with. When applying for the visa, the applicant will need to have a formal certificate of sponsorship from the company which made the job offer as well as transcripts of any formal qualifications.

The Sponsored Skilled Worked Visa

The Sponsored Skilled worked visa is a non-immigrant visa which lasts for a maximum of 3 years plus 14 days after the initial three year period has ended... This ensures that visa holders have sufficient time to start work, and also return back to their home countries once the visa has expired.

However, while the Sponsored Skilled Worked visa is for the most part a non-immigrant visa, it can be renewed after the initial visa has expired, extending it up to a maximum of five years. After this point the holder is eligible to apply for permanent settlement within the United Kingdom.

The Sponsored Skilled Worked Visa aims to demonstrate to the international business community that the United Kingdom is an attractive place to work. It's an important tool in helping to keep skills shortages to a minimum and according to the government, it's been essential in ensuring the stability of the British economy. For the average employee, it's the standard work visa which can be obtained by those who already have a formal offer of employment.

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