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Temporary Workers

Temporary workers are an increasing global trend across the world as there are countless labour shortages worldwide. For many becoming a temporary worker is a lucrative prospect and it means they can a salary which is significantly higher than their countries average. Indeed, acquiring a temporary workers visa is one of the best options to gain access to the international labour market and luckily, there are a number of ways to go about it.

Typically however, temporary workers require a proper work permit if they don't qualify for working holiday schemes or alternatively skilled immigrant schemes which recognize skilled immigrants looking for permanent work abroad. This means that for many countries, they may only hire you if there is a significant skills shortage and unless ones profession falls into a certain category, the country won't accept foreign labour. Depending on where they are travelling, the skills eligible for a work visa can vary significantly and continues to change according to current market conditions.

Typically, acquiring a work visa involves finding some form of business sponsorship from an employer and then meeting the above requirements. While in many countries a temporary workers visa is specifically for the non-immigrant workforce, it can also be the first step towards full-time residency and eventual immigration, but some countries may limit length of stay to anything from a few months to a few years.

Indeed, it has to be said that the rules are extremely different between countries. To this effect, the first thing any prospective applicant should do is to contact the embassy or consulate to find out exactly what the visa requirements are, and if they are eligible.

Work Visas for Temporary Workers

Once the requirements for eligibility have been met, i.e. sponsorship and skills, applying for a temporary workers visa is actually quite straightforward but skills tests and proficiency in the native language may be required. This means the application process may involve interviews and proving academic qualifications etc.

However, there is an increasing trend in nations who take advantage of temporary workers in industries such as manufacture and construction. It's true to say that many countries still exploit the non-immigrant temporary workers to boost workforce numbers in various low-skill industries. While it's certainly possible to work as a foreigner in these areas, it's next to impossible without a job offer and sponsorship from a company well before visiting.

In many countries however, there are free trade agreements in operation and in countries such as the European Union, work visas for European temporary workers are not required. If you're a European citizen looking for a job within Europe, then it's a simple case of finding one! Likewise, the United States also has various arrangements with Canada and Mexico, and countless other nations have individual arrangements with other countries.

Temporary workers can and do work successfully abroad and it doesn't have to be teaching English! The secret in getting a visa as a temporary worker is not to pin your hopes on just one country, but to look around for a good compromise.

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