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UK Visitor Visa

When coming to visit the United Kingdom, there are a variety of different types of UK Visitor Visas and each has different costs, entry requirements and durations. However, the most common UK Visitor visa is a 6-month visa suitable for those ages 18 or over. This is a flexible visa which suits most travellers visiting the United Kingdom, and as long as they meet the specific entry requirements, it's generally easy to obtain.

Generally speaking, applying for UK Visitor visas is pretty straightforward. The process is typical of all British visa applications and it involves filling in the appropriate paperwork, getting a passport-style photograph taken and then submitting all the required evidence such as proof of savings, proof of intention to return home and also that no employment, private medical treatment or education will be undertaken during the trip.

There are actually many different UK Visitor Visas available for those coming to the UK and there are separate UK Visitor visas for general visitors, business visitors, religious workers, sports visitors, visitors receiving medical treatment and even more. Each visa has different requirements, with an example being the UK Visitor's marriage visa for those coming to the UK to be married which in this example requires some form of proof that the applicant intends to get married during the typical 6-month entry period.

In addition to the standard 6-month UK Visitor Visas, the UK government also issues what's known as long-term UK Visitor Visas. These visitors can last for up to 10 years, and when the applicant can prove that he or she needs to return to the UK regularly to visit families or to sustain business interests, it may be awarded.

Applying for a Visa

The British government actually allows UK visa applications to be processed online and many countries now benefit from online applications through the http://www.visainforservices.com website. Through this website, it's possible to fill in the application form and pay the initial fee for the visa online. Once the application has been completed, an appointment will be scheduled for the applicant where they can go and submit any additional evidence required for their application to be successful.

To help deal with applicants, a number of visa application centres has been set up throughout the world. These places are ran and staffed by local people who can offer the best advice when it comes to applying for UK Visitor Visas, they will check your visa application and also ensure that you have sufficient evidence. It's at the visa application centres where you provide additional evidence for your visa application.

Many people actually overly fear applying for a British visa. The reality is that for the most part, it's easy to successfully apply for a visa, and UK visitor visas are not hard to obtain. While the initial application process may be quite time consuming, provided you are thorough, honest and can meet the entry requirements, then there will be absolutely no problems in you being awarded a UK Visitor Visas, and then being allowed to enter the United Kingdom.

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