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Working Visa

Working Visa Fees

Applying for a working visa is as time a consuming a process as it is an expensive one. While a working visa is an essential step towards becoming a permanent resident of a country, the associated working visa fees can be prohibitive for both the employer and also the employee. This can lead to the allure of working illegally, but the facts are that while it may be expensive to acquire a working visa, the working visa fees are reasonable considering it gives you full rights as a foreign employee.

Working Visa Fees Why Not to Avoid Them

Many countries have both a domestic workforce, a migrant workforce and also an illegal workforce. It's true that students, travellers and all sorts of people continue to work illegally because it's easier to simply get a job and 'keep your head down.' The truth is however, as immigration authorities get more and more strict, it's becoming harder and harder to avoid paying working visa fees and applying for a working visa. In fact, each and every year, more and more people are being prosecuted for working illegally, and while it leads to deportation in most cases, it can also mean blacklisting, imprisonment and substantial monetary fines.

Working Visa Fees Alternatives

One of the popular alternatives to securing a full working visa is to take a look at what's known as a working holiday visa. This visa entitles travellers to visit a foreign country to work, but solely as a means of subsistence. This means you can visit a foreign destination, find a job, explore the culture and then after a set period of time usually not exceeding one year, return home. This visa is great for 17 -30 year olds looking for an adventure, and it also comes without the demanding requirements of a working visa, or the associated working visa fees.

However, while a working holiday is suitable for many, there are still those who are forced to pay working visa fees, then it's important to take a look at what exactly they are. Many foreign employers may try to get you to pay their half of the fees too, so when securing a job abroad, take the time to establish just what's to be paid and who is payable. Often, when it comes to securing a working visa, unscrupulous employers who don't want to pay anything more than they have to will tell you that you have to pay all the working visa fees.

Ultimately, working visa fees aren't prohibitive considering what you actually get for them. If you've taken the time to provide all additional documentation required as well as ensured that's accurate and any evidence needs is included, then you should have no concerns with your working visa application. However, in the event that you've failed to supply everything that's required, you may just find that your working visa fee gets you nothing more than a letter of refusal.

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