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Youth Mobility Scheme

The Youth mobility scheme is a program that's been set up by the British government in attempts to bring a diverse range of skilled individuals into the United Kingdom. Unlike the traditional work permit, the scheme is targeted towards younger people aged between 18 and 30 and it is a limited visa which lasts for a maximum of two years. The scheme allows successful applicants to enter the United Kingdom without any form of sponsorship other than that of one's government.

A Closer Look at the Youth Mobility Scheme

The youth mobility scheme is somewhat like the former working holidaymaker program that was in operation by the British government. However, it has to be said that this program is far more beneficial even if it is a bit more exclusive as only a select few nationals from just a handful of countries are allowed to apply. There is a two-stage application process with the first stage involving securing sponsorship from one's own government, and the second being successfully applying for the youth mobility scheme visa.

Applying for a Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

Applying for a youth mobility scheme visa is typical of any British visa application in that it requires the usual paperwork, proof of maintenance funds and also proof of eligibility. In this case, the youth mobility visa is restricted to those who are between the ages of 18 and 30, who have at least 1600 of funds available to sustain themselves. They must also be a national of one of the following nations:

New Zealand
a British Overseas Territories Citizen
a British National Overseas.

The British government only accepts a limited few applicants from each country. As a result, it's often difficult to apply for the youth mobility scheme, and generally the first part of the process starts with getting sponsorship from one's own government, and number of visas issued varies between countries. Once sponsorship has been attained, it's then a case of applying for the visa and ensuring that you meet the above requirements.

In attempts to make the initial application process easier to understand, the British government instituted a points-based system to assess suitability for the Youth Mobility Scheme. Essentially however, this point based system remains redundant for this visa, because all three of the requirements are mandatory.

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