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Student Visas

When it comes to undertaking graduate or post-graduate studies, often student visas are required by host countries. Those undertaking cultural exchanges in foreign universities also need to acquire a visa and while the process is essentially straightforward, it continues to vary from country to country and the entry requirements can differ substantially.

Student visas are usually the only way to go about studying in another country, and if this is your ambition, it's a good idea to speak to your university or college about international study options as they may very well have contracts and foreign scholarships available.

Typically to be eligible for student visas, one needs to be under a certain age threshold and a student at an approved university. In some countries, attending a foreign university can be pretty straightforward because of the fact that many internationally renowned universities have good foreign relations with other universities. This means that in some cases, it's even possible to transfer during your studies.

However, while this means it's easy to transfer your studies to a foreign university, one still needs to ensure that they can enter the country. For the most part student visas require that the students have evidence that they've been accepted onto a course, as well as enough funds to sustain themselves and that they will be returning to their country after completing their studies.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for people to get a taste of what another country is like. There is simply no better cultural experience, and while many student visas prohibit working, it also gives you a taste of what the jobs market would be like in that specific country as well.

Applying for Student Visas

Applying for a student visa is usually almost the last step in the process because it normally requires that you have been accepted on an educational course at a recognized academic institution. This means that before you even start the process, you need to ensure that the school you choose to study at is fully accredited and endorsed to accept international students.

After finding a place to study it's important to have written proof that you have been accepted onto one of their courses. It's usually mandatory that you do this, and you must have this before you apply for your visa. You may also need to prove that you have enough to sustain yourself while living abroad because as we mentioned above, student visas don't give you permission to work.

Once you've been awarded your visa, it's time to start studying! In some countries, the visa may only last as long as the course as when the visa expires, you're expected to leave. However, there are exceptions such as in the United Kingdom in this case if you're a student studying for a duration of longer than 6 months, then you are entitled to seek part-time work while you study. It differs from country to country, so be sure to check up on the law to know exactly what the requirements are.

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