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Working Visa

Working Holiday Visa

A Working holiday visa is perhaps the ultimate way to spend a year abroad. This visa entitles you to work for a year or more in some countries, and it may also allow you to change jobs and travel. It's seen by many as a great way to travel and generally speaking, applying for a working holiday visa is a great deal more straightforward than applying for a standard work visa.

Unfortunately, a working holiday visa is nowhere near as commonplace as we'd like as not many countries actually offer them. In fact, the countries that do offer working holiday visas for the most part require some sort of reciprocal agreement, which can mean that many nations are quite choosy about just who can have one.

Getting a Working Holiday Visa

Ultimately due to the fact it's not an entirely straightforward process, the first thing that we recommend is that you check what exactly the visa requirements are. While there are over 15 countries worldwide offering the working holiday visa, actually getting one largely depends on your country of origin and where you are travelling.

Generally speaking, applying for a working holiday visa should be done in your home country before you set off for your trip. This can be quite difficult if the visa requires some form of sponsorship, and as a result, it may require some degree of fore planning to ensure that you meet all the key requirements.

Typically, working holiday visa requirements usually involve having some educational qualifications and also enough funds in the bank to ensure that you can take care of yourself abroad. There may also be a limitation on what types of roles you can perform as well as minimum educational standards in order to apply. Different countries have different rules, so you may need to consider multiple destinations in order to find a country that will issue with this visa.

Work Visa vs. Working Illegally

Many travellers see working illegally in a foreign country as a viable alternative to the time and expense involved in securing a legitimate working holiday visa. While many travellers can and indeed DO get away with working illegally in guesthouses, hotels and other occupations, there are plenty of horror stories about those who have been detained for weeks and even months before being deported.

Working illegally is always a bad idea, because not only does it mean that you may be arrested at any minute, it also means that you're not protected by any of the laws which safeguard foreign employees, it's something to consider carefully because the risks certainly outweigh the benefits.

For many, one of the best ways to secure the 'perfect' working holiday is to actually travel abroad first and see what's actually on offer. In many circumstances, it can be next to impossible to get an offer of sponsorship unless you've actually been to that country. By taking a holiday abroad, you can casually look for work, and if you do manage to find an employer willing to give you a job, it's generally not too complicated to change your visa to either a working visa, or alternatively a working holiday visa.

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