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UK Border Agency

The UK Border Agency is the organization responsible for reviewing and approving those making visa applications. They are responsible for more than just visa applications however, as their remit also includes dealing with asylum seekers and almost any issue related to British borders and immigration. They are effectively responsible for the security of British borders, ensuring that illegal immigration is not possible. The UK Border Agency employs over 25,000 staff both in the United Kingdom and also abroad.

For the most part, the UK Border Agency is quite a young organization. It's only recently that they attained full agency status, having acquired it in April 2009. Since that time, they've gained more powers in order to help with the constant problem of illegal immigrants and also the increased numbers of asylum seekers travelling to the United Kingdom. Abroad, their role is that of visa approval. With staff in over 130 countries, the UK Border Agency also works in partnership with VFS global to help people apply for visa applications to enter the United Kingdom.

Effectively, the UK Border agency is the agency responsible for immigration and within the United Kingdom, their role comprises detecting illegal entrants and those who have overstayed their visa. This government agency has the power to arrest and detain those found in breach of their visa, and in 2009, they successfully deported 5,000 illegal immigrants.

The UK Border Agency is working hard to ensure that only those who are allowed can visit the United Kingdom. Every day, they are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to ensure that it becomes more and more difficult for people to 'cheat' the system.

Some examples of this include the increased technology that's being used in the visa application process. Up until recently, a simple photograph was all that's required. However, things have now changed and biometric information is now recorded for everyone that applies for a visa. This, along with the latest changes requiring all foreign national to obtain an ID card, has done a great deal towards helping secure British borders and ensure that only those with a valid reason to enter the UK may do so.

The UK Border Agency acts in the best interests of everyone, preserving the security of the British border, while processing the visa applications of the thousands of visitors that arrive each day. While many may see them as a ruthless and cold organization, the fact is that without them, it would be a great deal harder to get a visa regardless of nationality.

This high tech organization is committed to helping those with a valid reason to enter the United Kingdom. The UK border agency works hand in hand with a number of organizations worldwide to help people with a genuine wish to enter the UK. Although they may deport more than 5,000 people a year, they allow countless thousands to enter either on holiday, to work or even to seek asylum. For the most part, the UK Border agency is a great deal more benevolent than many might think.

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