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Working Holidaymakers (INF15)

The Working Holidaymakers (INF15) scheme was recently introduced by the UK Home Office as a way to allow foreign nationals to come to the UK on an extended holiday, while also working at the same time. It's perhaps the most affordable way to discover the British way of life as the visa ensures that holders get time to explore the UK and also to work at the same time.

Currently, the working Holidaymakers (INF15) visa is open to citizens in a number of countries who have reciprocal agreements and it's a working holiday scheme that's actually not that difficult to join. The visa lasts for two years and during this time you can work for a maximum for 12 months. This means that you have both time to travel throughout the United Kingdom and also time to work.

Applying for the Working Holidaymakers (INF15) Visa

To apply for this visa, you need to be between 17 and 30 years old, and you must agree to working for no longer than 12 months. Alongside being a national from one of the supported countries, you must also prove that you can support yourself without any help from the British government.

Actually applying for the working holidaymakers (INF15) visa takes a bit of time. It involves filling out the required paperwork which can be found online, as well as attending one of the many Visa Application Centres which will help deal with your request. At the same time, they'll also take biometric scans of your fingerprints, your photograph and the fees involved in applying for the visa.

To apply for the visa, you need to take your passport as well as a recent colour photograph and any additional visa fees. At the same time, you may also need to supply evidence that you can support yourself while staying abroad. Generally, you need to ensure that you have enough money to subside on for at least two months. If you already have an offer of employment however, just one month's worth of funds is enough evidence to obtain a visa.

Ultimately, after applying for the visa it's a simple case of waiting for acceptance and getting ready for your trip to the United Kingdom. The working holidaymakers (INF15) Visa is a great way to see the United Kingdom and also everything that the country has to offer. Chances are as well, if you're going to be working in an area which has a recognized skills shortage, you may very well be able to convert your working holidaymakers (INF15) visa into a work permit so that you can stay indefinitely in the United Kingdom.

The application process may be a little nerve wracking and time consuming, but the working holidaymakers (INF15) visa gives you the ultimate opportunity to explore everything the UK has to offer. With a year to work and a year to travel, it's the perfect way to enjoy Britain, while supporting yourself and gaining valuable work experience at the same time.

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